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CE-marking for the TIES® System

Today, OstomyCure is very pleased to announce that the TIES® System has received approval for CE marking from our Notified Body. This means that TIES® meets or surpasses all the high European quality and safety standards for a Medical Device and allows OstomyCure to initiate sales in Europe. CE marking of the TIES® System is the result of several years of research and development by the dedicated staff at OstomyCure and all affiliated entities. This marks the beginning of a new era in the treatment of ileostomy patients, and is a major step forward for the company.

OstomyCure AS Appoints new Chief Medical Officer


OstomyCure today announced the appointment of Cindy Wong, M.D. as Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

Article in IA Journal: Issue 233 Autumn 2016


OstomyCure AS has been published in The Ileostomy & Internal Pouch Support Groups latest issue of the IA Journal.

Experienced Chief Commercial Officer Joins OstomyCure AS


OstomyCure AS engages Morten Gunvad, currently founder and Head of GP Consulting GmbH, as Chief Commercial Officer of the TIES® System.

The TIES® System represented at major political event


The TIES® Implant and Lid will be represented at Almedalsveckan, an annual political event taking place in Visby, Sweden.

Significant Breakthrough for Stoma Patients


Aimed to dramatically improve the patient’s quality of life, the TIES® System, a new concept in continent ileostomy receives CE marking.

Technical File submitted for CE approval of TIES®


Comprising an implantable medical device, the TIES® System requires approval from a Notified Body in order to obtain CE marking and to be marketed in Europe.

TIES® clinical study fully enrolled


The ongoing TIES® clinical study is moving forward and is now fully enrolled with the planned number of patients.

OstomyCure audit upgrade to Annex II in MDD


OstomyCure certification was upgraded to a higher level.

AHUS University Hospital joins the TIES® clinical study


OstomyCure is pleased to announce the participation of the Ahus University Hospital in Norway in the ongoing TIES® clinical study.