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OstomyCure® AS receives the most sought-after Horizon 2020 EU grant of € 2.5 Mio.

OstomyCure AS® has received a EU grant of € 2.5 Mio. via the Horizon 2020 Project (
“This EU grant is a major milestone for OstomyCure AS, and further confirms the very unique benefits of TIES Solution which are now endorsed by a very capable public institution” – Says Dr. Ben Broennimann CEO of OstomyCure AS and continues “The Horizon 2020 is only given to a limited number of new innovations every year. These are innovations that really make a difference in today ́s and tomorrow ́s healthcare environment. The grant will have a duration of 36 months starting in January 2019 and will further enable OstomyCure to bring the TIES Solution® to the market more efficiently.”

The TIES Solution® is an innovative medical solution which is intended for patients with a new or an existing permanent ileostomy. It has the potential to change the quality of life for the many hundreds of thousand patients with a permanent ileostomy. The solution consists of a titanium implant, which is attached to the intestine creating a stable ileostomy and a cap or lid with a hatch which is “clicked” on to the implant enabling patients to empty the stoma at their convenience via a conventional stoma bag. The patient is virtually bag free.

Dr. Ben Broennimann further explains “The TIES Solution® is a game changer for many patients with this chronic condition. Ileostomies have basically been treated the same way for the last 20-30 years – with a conventional stoma bag – which creates a lot of problems for an otherwise normal functioning group of patients. The TIES Solution® addresses a number of the very common complications with conventional bags – like skin problems which lead to leakage, irritated skin and unwanted odor. This is a heavy burden not only for the patient but also the payor.”

A major multicenter study has just been initiated primarily in the UK and patients have started to enroll into the study. Ostomycure AS aims to prove the safety and efficacy of the TIES Solution® in this study.

3D Systems Inc. in Belgium and Quadvis AB in Sweden are the selected partners for OstomyCure in this EU collaboration project.

OstomyCure develops and manufactures medical devices that comply with the most stringent requirement of Medical Device Regulations on safety and efficacy.

TIES III Implant

3D printed pure titanium implant which is mounted at the distal end of the ileum, anchored through the skin, creating a safe and stable ileostomy.

TIES Lid III, TIES Bag holder
TIES Lid III, TIES Bag holder.png

Oedsttronmic.ycure AS is a privately-owned Norwegian medical technology company developing a revolutionary technology called the Transcutaneous Implant Evacuation System (TIES®), addressing a market estimated to be worth $2bn annually.

The stoma market is dominated by Coloplast, Convatec and Dansac/Hollister, Johnson&Johnson and Medtronic.

This solution is intended for ileostomy patients looking for a better solution and improved quality of life.



Latest update on the TIES® Solution – May 2020


Message from Ostomycure CEO, Graeme Smith.

New Stockholm office


OstomyCure has moved its Stockholm operations from Kista to the Karolinska Campus area in Solna in the heart of the bustling Stockholm life science scene.

First Patients enrolled in the C03 clinical study in the UK


Today the first patient was enrolled in the TIES03 study of the OstomyCure Transcuteous Implant Evacuation System (TIES®).

Large clinical study started in UK and Sweden


Approval for multicenter study “TIES-C03” in major university hospitals in Leeds, UK & Umeå, Sweden.

Latest update on TIES Solution


Message from CEO Ostomycure Dr Benedict Broenniman M.D.

OstomyCure AS Appoints new Chief Medical Officer


OstomyCure today announced the appointment of Cindy Wong, M.D. as Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

Article in IA Journal: Issue 233 Autumn 2016


OstomyCure AS has been published in The Ileostomy & Internal Pouch Support Groups latest issue of the IA Journal.

Experienced Chief Commercial Officer Joins OstomyCure AS


OstomyCure AS engages Morten Gunvad, currently founder and Head of GP Consulting GmbH, as Chief Commercial Officer of the TIES® System.

The TIES® System represented at major political event


The TIES® Implant and Lid will be represented at Almedalsveckan, an annual political event taking place in Visby, Sweden.