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Tough Sports - Freedom

TIES® Solution intends to give patients back their quality of life - with the TIES® Solution you are back in control


No ostomy bag needed

The advantage with the TIES® Solution versus a conventional stoma is that the patients no longer need to constantly wear an ostomy bag 24 hours a day with its associated complications of psychosocial problems, unwanted noise, leakage, smell, skin problems, care, etc. It gives the patients freedom to control the ileostomy and think about what they want to achieve in life, without bag-related obstacles.

No more stress

Our solution intends to reduce everyday stress, allowing patients to take control over their stoma. Rest rooms are no longer a priority because the lid means fluids can be retained for a longer period. The patients can tend to their needs in a comfortable manner. Fewer visits to rest rooms are necessary. The lid with the hatch allows a hassle free elimination of the waste.


Experience a day with TIES®

Number of toilet visits are individual and may vary with each person, diet, digestion etc.


Wake up routine: toilet visit, packing plastic bags for your daily needs


A morning jog in the park: no need for additional accessories or unease that the bag will loosen


Get ready for work: have a shower, toilet visit


Enjoy a hearty breakfast


A short toilet visit before leaving for work


At the office: working


At work: a short toilet break


Time for lunch with colleagues


Off to a meeting: drinking coffee


Meeting finished: a short toilet break


Finish at the office: heading for the beach/swimming pool


Having a good time at the beach/pool with family and friends, swimming and BBQing


Home sweet home: toilet visit


Night routines: toilet visit, lid quickly rinsed


Time for bed: dreaming sweet dreams, getting up once for a toilet visit

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