A revolution in stoma therapy

Take control of your ileostomy and live a carefree life
First Patients enrolled in the C03 clinical study in the UK Read more

OstomyCure AS just started an additional clinical trial in hospitals in Sweden and in the UK.

The study is performed by Dr David Jayne in Leeds, Dr Ed Wescott at St Thomas' in London, Dr Smolarek in Plymouth and in Sweden we have discussions with several centers. We'll post the added centers on our website as they commit.

  • Lid placement
  • Open hatch
  • Remove lid
  • Place bag holder
  • Attach irrigation sleeve
  • Open slider

Introducing the TIES® Solution

An innovative solution for ileostomy patients currently under clinical investigation.

At times, life for many stoma patients means difficult situations when the stoma controls their lives. The new TIES® Solution intends to not only make life easier but also to increases the quality of life by helping those with a stoma to take back control and to live a more carefree life.

Our mission

At OstomyCure, we are highly committed to improving the life of patients with a stoma or with related inflammatory bowel diseases. Our mission is to give patients back their quality of life using the latest technology - with no compromises on quality or safety.

Who we help

We help patients who already have an ileostomy, who are going to have an ileostomy, and patients who are looking for a better solution than that provided by conventional stoma surgery. The TIES® Implant is adapted for patients who are in the process of or who have already undergone ileostomy surgery.

How it works

The TIES® Solution, which comprises an implant, a lid with a hatch and a bag holder, intends to provide the patient with a controlled continent stoma management solution that intends to eliminate the need to constantly wear an ostomy bag after removal of the large intestine.The solution also intends to prevent skin complication as it does not allow the appliances to touch the skin. No more worrying about smell, noise, leaks, skin rash or loose bags.