Number of toilet visits are individual and may vary with each person, diet, digestion etc.


Why Choose OstomyCure

It is the people who make OstomyCure what it is and we are extremely proud of the achievements of our staff.
We all work together to help our patients through recovery, providing ground breaking ileostomy medical solutions.

  • Improved health economics

    It is estimated that stoma patients spend around EUR 3000 a year on stoma bags and other consumables.

  • No leakage, odours or accidents

    The TIES Lid seals the TIES Port, with a hatch that you can open and close to empty the stoma.

  • No permanent ostomy bag

    No permanent bag means reduced risk of skin irritation, infections and other inconveniences.

  • Improved QoL

    Aim to give patients their quality of life back using the latest technology, with no compromises on quality or safety.

  • Lower risk of hernia

    Early indications that the TIES Solution lowers the risk of parastomal herniation

  • A simpler life

    The ground breaking TIES Ileostomy system helps stoma patients take back control and live a more carefree life.