TIES Information

Transcutaneous Implant
Evacuation System

With the TIES® Solution the patient can live a life without the need to constantly wear an ostomy bag.

The solution is a titanium port with a lid and is implanted in place of the conventional ostomy. The lid bears a hatch that allows the evacuation of the waste without removing the lid. A bag holder that does not touch the skin allow the fixation of the bag when the waste needs to be evacuated. It also prevents skin complications.
This solution allows the patients to exercise their needs when it suits them, in contrast to the conventional stoma that continually empties itself into a bag, causing discomfort, noise and smell.

Revolutionary technology

The TIES III Solution is the result of several years of research combined with the latest 3D manufacturing technology. It has been developed and manufactured in accordance with regulatory standards to ensure the safety of the patients.

It consists of a small tube made of pure titanium surrounded by a porous structure which allows smooth integration with the body tissues. Using 3D technology, the implant is built up layer by layer into one solid piece. This produces a unique structure with optimized surfaces and enables the use of a material that is clean and without impurities; together these factors promote reliable tissue ingrowth. A first of its kind!

A positive part of you

Just like any other part of your body.

Our aim is that patients should no longer feel discomfort. Over time, the implant is incorporated into the soft tissue of the abdomen and becomes just like any other efficient, working part of your body.

Feel safe

Safety of the patients is crucial.

The surgical procedure is straightforward and almost identical to the procedure used at conventional stoma surgery. The material the implant is made from is adapted to ensure optimum safety.

Are you ready to take control over your life?

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